Videos of bulls on offer at the 2020 Central Select Auction

10 September 2020 at 12h00
A well balanced polled bull with good head, clean sheath and smooth coat. From mothers side lots of milk with good growth to 600 days flattening down for mature weight. This bull was used in herd for one season!
Fantastic capacity with good muscling and a very easy moving bull. Mother had 6 calves and is still in herd. Sire is from well known Salerika stud and produced excellent off spring.
A bull with very good length of body strong topline and muscle definition. An eye catcher low on birth with good growth and above average milk.
A medium framed polled bull of a more compacter type. These polled animals are scarce and a good choice! Mother of this bull wean 8 calves and produced 1 stud sire already.
A well muscled medium framed bull. Structurally very sound, he very much resembles what we aim at in our breeding policy. Good for calving ease and low birth weight with above average growth. This bull not only complies to the beef producers expectations but should also be considered by every stud breeder.
A strong head with good topline, overall well balanced masculine bull. Low birth and high on milk with short days to calving EBV.
A bull with strong topline, well balanced and good head. Smooth coat and strong muscling on outer thighs. Good milk and average on growth, definitely a safe choice!
A very well grown bull with exceptional hindquarter muscling. Above average on Birth with top growth and milk figures, the ideal sire for heavy oxen and good replacement heifers. Mother weaned 6 calves and is a Pedro daughter.
A well grown bull with outstanding capacity and symmetry. His dam produced 2 stud sires and this bull has the best growth in the finishing period.
A broad compact bull that is moving easily. Best growth figures and high on milk with dam and granddam from our showstring. Granddam and Grandsire both Breed Champion Animal at Windhoek Show.
A strong topline with well developed in and outer thighs. High on Birth with tremendous growth figures and a bursting 10 on milk. If you are in the market to produce heavy oxen and/or high producing cows then take this one!
A 152 strong broad back, especially over shoulder with a well developed hindquarter. Strong growth throughout, above average milk and strong on carcass weight.
A long bull that is well put together, short coat and of the best growth figures to dream of.

Stephan Voigts

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